Water Filtration

Sawyer MINI Water FilterSP128-SP101-SP102-SP103-SP105-SP107 Sawyer MINI Water Filter AU $ 38.00

3 Way Water FilterSP122 3 Way Water Filter AU $ 85.53

PointONE™ All in One| SP181 PointONE™ All in One AU $ 96.85

Water Bottle with FilterSP141(1L) Water Bottle with Filter AU $ 76.00

Pouch – Set of 3 or 2SP113(1L) - SP114(2L)-SP116(0.50L) Pouch – Set of 3 or 2 AU $ 15.60

2 Liter Water Filtration SystemSP162 2 Liter Water Filtration System AU $ 171.84

4 Liter Water Filtration SystemSP184 4 Liter Water Filtration System AU $ 265.00

Point ZeroTWO™ Bucket Purifier Assembly KitSP191 Point ZeroTWO™ Bucket Purifier Assembly Kit AU $ 210.00

Sawyer Cleaning Coupling SP150 Sawyer Cleaning Coupling AU $ 5.00

Fast Fill Hydration Pack AdaptersSP115 Fast Fill Hydration Pack Adapters AU $ 15.79

Inline Hydration Pack AdaptersSP110 Inline Hydration Pack Adapters AU $ 11.67

Filtration Accessory PackSP118 Filtration Accessory Pack AU $ 35.10


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